Welcome to The Modern Sophisticate!

Hello!  Welcome to the Modern Sophisticate!

I am an interior designer living and working in the beautiful state of Utah.  My first memory of interior design was when I was 5 years old laying in bed and wondering if my mom gave me $500 how I would redesign my bedroom.  It wasn't until I was a river rafting guide on the Salmon River after high school when a fellow guide told me how much she enjoyed her interior design classes and I realized I could actually design for a living!  That following fall I enrolled in my first interior design class and discovered my life passion.  I graduated from Utah State University with my Bachelors in Interior Design and I started working at Bassett Furniture as a design consultant, helping everyday people live functionally and stylishly.

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The ever chic Elsie de Wolfe said, "I am going to make everything around me beautiful.  That will be my life."  I am taking this on as my mantra and will share my musings with you here. I can't wait to share with you great inspiration to help beautify your life!

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