Garrow Kedigian Kips Bay 2009

I couldn't post about Kips Bay without posting my all-time favorite Kips Bay room by Garrow Kedigian from last year's showhouse.  Mr. Kedigian was a newcomer to Kips Bay and got stuck with the most undesirable room of the entire house- a 95 sq. ft maid's room on the 5th floor.  Boy, did he stand up to the challenge! 

Classic Greek mythological themes are used throughout.  Notice the Greek Key pillows, carpet and the ancient-looking bust. Adore.

This room follows the same principle of Katie Ridder's entryway from this year's showhouse- go big and bold in a small space!  I love the over-scaled painting, chandelier, and floral arrangement.  They really pack a punch.

NY Times article on the 2009 Kips Bay Showhouse

The orange lacquered wall help reflect light in this small space.  The white 'moldings' were created with white paint which is more graphic than traditional molding and less expensive! Win Win!!

Garrow Kedigian Interior Design


  1. OK, I love the painting of the molding rather than actual molding! Do I dare think I'm exact enough to do it myself???

  2. I think you should try it, Claire! The trick, I've heard, is to apply caulk to edges of your painter's tape so the paint doesn't seep under. Worse comes to worse, you could just paint over the botched DIY project. Not that you would botch it though!