Oly Bovary Table

Life's CRAZY busy again. Here is how my days have been going lately:

1. Wake up, get dressed, get out of the house.
2. Run to client's homes for consultations and/or run to stores to source products.
3. Go to my full-time job for 8 hours.
4. Make dinner from scratch because I can't do take-out anymore with my new diet.
5.  Tackle at-home design work including sourcing products, placing orders, answer emails, etc. etc.
6. Cuddle with my husband and/or puppy before turning in for the night.

Holy. Cow. 
Does anyone know where I can buy some extra hours for my day?

I'm not complaining, it's good to keep busy. 
Especially when I get to create chic rooms and use fabulous products, like this beauty:

Oly Studio Bovary Dining Table Petite Herringbone Top French Style

It's a pretty table overall but look at the detail on the top:

Herringbone Top Dining Table Oly Studio French Design

Yup. It's just a little herringbone action for ya. HERRINGBONE.
I. Die.

Anyone out there have any time management tips??

I could use some right about now...

Made By Girl Contributor Post: Mad Men Mint + Gold

In case you haven't noticed, I'm slightly obsessed with Mad Men. 
This installment is about Don Draper's new 
front door. Rarr....

Shades of Aqua

I'm not sure what's going on with me 
but I'm obsessed with pairing abstract paintings with lamps.  
Here's another couplette in 

Sally King Benedict Fresh Cut Original Painting

Robert Abbey Delta Baby Blue Table Lamp Aqua Linen Shade

{images via Sally Benedict & Lamps Plus}

Pastel Birthday VS. Gluten Free Birthday

It's my birthday. 
Seriously, I am freaking out at 28, so what's going to happen 
when the big 3-0 comes around? 
Or 40? 50? OY VEY!! 

At least having a Spring birthday means I can celebrate with 

Ok, so that cake is def. NOT GLUTEN FREE. 
That's alright because this is what I'm really going to eat:

Not as pretty but OH so good. 
here we come!!!

Love It Leave It: Asymmetrical Furniture

I have started to notice a new design detail showing up in pieces that catch my eye.  
As a designer I like the lines of the pieces I work with to be tailored, purposeful and polished. 
Who says the lines have to be perfect though?  
Adding in a funky unexpected element to a piece gives a fresh new take on classic silhouettes. 

What do you think? 
Could you love it or leave it?

{all images from Dering Hall, except chaise lounge. Chaise via 1st Dibs}

Shades of Peach

Along with mint, I have been obsessed with 
this Spring.

Here's a combo of a painting and lamp that ended up being pinned by each other, 
creating a wonderful happy accident vignette:

 I know this is an iffy color for most.

{images via Nick Mauss & Robert Abbey}

Rock Candy I Love Lamp

In the words of the ever wise Brick Tamland,

I understand Brick. I understand.
(and can you believe they are made from recycled glass?)

Mies Daybed for Dogs

Holy. Cannoli.  
They make a

This is now on my  "I must own this before I die" list.