Can This Be Made Into A Room? Michael Kors Mens Fall 2010

This one is for the boys.  The first time I saw this look from Michael Kors, I thought to myself, "Rarrrr... now THAT'S a man!"  I like a man with a little ruggedness to him.  Maybe it's because I come from a family of hunters, fishers, and campers and I myself was once a white water guide on the Salmon River (I like to granola it up with the best of them, but always with a little glam).

 Michael Kors Fall 2010 RTW      
  The color palette of this room is all about earth tones.  If the color could be in a camo print, it fits in this room.  And don't forget the leather.  Lots and lots of leather (is there anything more manly, really?).  The sofa (Restoration Hardware) is upholstered in a waxed top-grain leather which will only get more crackled and worn-looking with age (this is called 'patina' and believe me, it's GORGEOUS). The leather trunk, to be used as a cocktail table alternative, is vintage Louis Vuitton, circa 1920 (1st Dibs, I don't even want to know how much this costs). Behind the leather sofa, instead of a standard console table, I would place a desk, like this French campaign desk (William-Sonoma Home), fill it full of leather bound books and cool industrial accessories, and add a carmel-colored leather desk chair (all  Restoration Hardware). 

Flanking the sofa, I would place a pair of moss-green wingbacks (William-Sonoma Home) and dress any windows with chocolate velvet panels (Restoration Hardware) to add a little bit of a stodgy men's club feel.  For a bit of whimsy, I would add some moose antlers and a mariner's floor lamp (Restoration Hardware).  A large 9x13 (Surya) grounds the grouping and ties all the earth tones together. 

So what do you think?  Would you let the guy in your life have this as their 'man cave'?

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