All I Want For Christmas

I was saving this post for after Thanksgiving, but Rue Magazine just came out with their new issue and this is their cover:

It must be the blog gods telling me it's time, so here we go!

All I want for Christmas is...  a man's gold watch.  I know, it sounds odd, but bare with me.

 In Amanda Brooks' book, I Love Your Style, she says, "I love the tomboy feeling of a men's watch on a woman's wrist sticking out from under a rolled-up shirt sleeve."  Whether you have sleeves or not, I love the proportion of a chunky watch to a woman's delicate wrist.  I think it is the accessory equivalent of wearing a man's dress shirt as pjs.  Hot. So Hot.

Let's take a look at who agrees with me:

Rachel Zoe

Victoria Beckham via

Charlize Theron

Elizabeth Hurley

Jennifer Anniston

Taylor (an ex-member of the Rachel Zoe team)
Did I mention Victoria Beckham wears one?

In all honesty, I want a vintage Rolex, but then again, who doesn't? 

18K Yellow Gold Porcelain Dial Zenith Daytona by Rolex via 1st Dibs
They won't even list this price, lol.
Rolex 18K PG Oyster Perpetual ref. 6551 c. 1958 via 1st Dibs
This one is a bargain at $7,850

Rolex 18K PG Day Date President ref# 1803 circa 1970's via 1st Dibs
It can be yours for the small price of $13,950! Naturally, this is the one I like best.
 Amanda Brooks continues in her book, "There are some incredibly beautiful and expensive watches out there.  We've all drooled over them, but I have seen Swatches and Timexes look just as chic."  Whew!  Let's look for some more realistic options now:
Michael Kors 'Bel Aire Chronograph' Watch via Nordstrom
$250 and GORGEOUS. **hint hint to the husband**

Nixon 'The Time Teller' Watch via Nordstrom
Timeless styling, simple, and $100.  Can't beat that!
**hint hint,again, to the husband**
Timex Vintage Gents England Made Watch circa 1958 via Bonanza
Needs some TLC but is a really cool vintage piece for $65!

Do you think I hinted this to my husband subtle enough?

{I'm not sure about the credits for the celeb images.  I've been collecting them for awhile now so let me know if you know where they're from!}


It's been a few days since I first posted the above, but I have found another drool-worthy vintage watch.  Check it out!

Seiko circa 1970s watch via Etsy for $180.
Love.  And I would pair the watch with this bracelet:

Vintage Mesh Bracelet via Etsy

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