Halston + Florals

Being stuck behind a desk all day is not fun when the weather outside is so gorgeous. 
I am daydreaming of pairing  

What do you think? Match made in heaven?

Halston coral gown

coral and orange peonies arrangement

sarah jessica parker halston dress

Made By Girl Guest Contribution: African Fusion

Check me out over at Made By Girl again. 
This post showcases glamorous 
pieces, like these sexy marble ram's heads...

Brass Beauties

Here's a quick collection of  
I've been drooling over lately.  I've seriously been contemplating replacing all 
the nickle and chrome in my home with antique brass.  Still trying to justify the $$$.  
Sigh... if only I could create a new home for myself every 5 years...

Brass Farmhouse Sink
Vintage Lotus Lamp Pendants

Gucci Bronze Paperweight

Ralph Lauren Sconce

Vintage Brass Modern Light Fixture

1. Farmhouse Sink via Rocky Mountain Hardware
2. Lotus Pendants via 1st Dibs
3. Vintage Gucci Paperweights via 1st Dibs
4. Ralph Lauren Sconce via Harginer
5. Stilnovo Chandelier via 1stDibs