Design Legend: Ralph Lauren

One of the greatest legends of design is Ralph Lauren.

No one designs inspiring spaces quite like Mr. Lauren. While most designers spend years, decades, and even an entire lifetime pursuing a signature "look," Ralph Lauren reinvents himself quite regularly.  Style genres he has visited include:

English Country



Rocky Mountain Rustic


And my personal favorite, Chic Contemporary

Audrey Hepburn said "Ralph has given American design a distinctive point of view and dignity.  He has given us the romance of the West, the glamour of Hollywood, the adventure of a safari, the purity of New England, the ease of a modern beach house, the richness of an English manor, only better than we imagined them."

This is what I aspire to be as a designer.   With world full of diverse beauty, why stick with one aesthetic?  Now this doesn't mean I encourage one to have every room of their house a different style (this could get a little schizo), but one should try to find beauty where ever they are or whatever their personal style is.

What is your favorite Ralph Lauren look? 


  1. I enjoy the sleekness and cleanliness of the contemporary, but kind of like the homeyness of the Hampton. But come on, who wouldn't want to sleep in that Parisian bed?!?!