Design Legend: Alexa Hampton

Alexa Hampton
I don't think I have ever been more excited about a book release than I was for Alexa Hampton's recent "The Language of Interior Design" (well, except maybe for a Dan Brown book or two...).  Alexa Hampton is the daughter of the iconic Mark Hampton (if you are a design history buff you MUST learn everything you can about this man.  Amazing.) and inherited his firm in NYC when Mr. Hampton passed away in 1997.  Alexa had some big shoes to fill and she more than does those shoes justice.

Alexa was inspired by her childhood.  In her book she states, "In my case, my training started quite young, as my father, Mark Hampton, a well-educated, accomplished, and highly esteemed decorator, insisted on spending our family vacations touring houses and palaces, museums and churches, both abroad and in the United States.  While other families were skiing, sunning, playing tennis, or visiting amusement parks,  my sister and I could be found being dragged by our parents to see architectural high points, museums, and galleries around the world.  By the time I was twelve, I had seen the Pantheon, the Parthenon, and Buckingham Palace."  Lucky duck.

Alexa later went on to achieve a degree in Art History and started working under her father at his firm.  The hallmarks of Alexa's work include British architectural elements, Roman antiquities, and soft colors (though both her and her father claim to not have a signature 'style').

NYC Apartment.  My personal favorite of Alexa's work.
I ADORE the mix of traditional klimos chairs and a vintage 50's chandelier.

New Orleans Entryway.  I think whoever lives in this house wears ballgowns daily.

Is that a campaign end table I see??

Bright.  Sunny.  Perfect to wake up to on a winter's morning.

If my home was traditional, THIS is how I would design my home office.

Alexa's watercolor for her 1999 Kips Bay Showhouse.  She inherited her father's talent for renderings.
Alexa also has a GORGEOUS line of furniture for Hickory Chair.  Here are some of my favorites:

I must own this barrel chair one day.  So chic.

Looks like Alexa loves campaign furniture as much as I do! 
I would break up the set, though, so it's not so matchy-matchy.

A perfect example of using a desk instead of a traditional nightstand.
The swing-arm floor lamps is a great option for bedside and work surface lighting.

The Mark Desk

I have ALWAYS wanted to use a sofa as seating at a table, but clients usually look at me funny when I suggest this.  Look how functional and elegant it is, though!

Quatrefoil Light Fixture in Natural Brass.
A trillion times better than the ubiquitous 'boob' light.  Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about.
“Suitability and appropriateness are hallmarks of great design, and I strive to have both in my work,”


  1. Brooke, I LOVE the room with the campaign chair! Next time I'm ever in a dire need for a dining room makeover, I'll be brave and have a sofa. I think that style is a good idea, and I like the back of that sofa- its really long.

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    So we both feel for Alexa today, eh? :-)

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