Design Legend: Jan Showers

 When I first picked up Jan Shower's book, "Glamorous Rooms,"  I was astonished at how her style was so close to my own (well, hers comes with a HUGE slab of traditional, where I lean towards the contemporary). The serene color palettes, the clean lines, the glitz of metals and glass, the draping of mass yardages of silk, all evoke an atmosphere of luxury that is not too pretentious. 

As soon as I flipped through this book, I ran home and got it on order.  When I received my copy, I noticed a little leopard peeking out from the dust jacket.  The actual book itself is a faux snow leopard!  If I am to be reincarnated as a inanimate object, it would be this book!

Jan's bedrooms were what initially struck me. In fact, there was one that was so close to my own bedroom! I couldn't find a picture online of it, but the walls were a darker silver-sage with two starburst mirrors over each nightstand and two arm chairs that are the exact match to my sofa in my living room. So beautiful. 

"We believe in insisting on perfection.  Timeless style.  Classic glamour.  The ease of living well. Simplicity.  Luxury you can take for granted."  -Jan Showers

(Can you imagine dressing this table for Thanksgiving? Note to self:  find puddling table linens.)
"Choosing different designs ultimately mixed with different interiors, from traditional to modern, is my real inspiration."  -Jan Showers

I know there's a lot to love in this pic, but I die over the door hardware. 

Can you believe the area rug is actually patched cow hides? 
It's such a fun texture against the smooth drapes and sleek occasionals.

Not sure what the carpet is.  Ocelot? Gazelle? Whatever it is, it sure is chic!
"Glamour and comfort are not mutually exclusive."  -Jan Showers

Jan added warmth and slimmer to the above entryway by treating the walls with warm silver-leaf tea paper.  The same tea paper is also on the inside covers of her book!

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  1. I like it! I can pull a few ideas from it and it seems similar to what I want. Thanks!