Can This Be Made Into A Room? Rachel Zoe

I go bah-nah-nahs over Rachel Zoe, celebrity fashion stylist and guru.  Her personal style is always on-trend, yet so unique and so, well, Rachel Zoe.  I saw the below image of her a few months back and haven't been able to get it out of my head.  I wondered, "could I make her outfit into a room?" In this post I'm taking on the challenge!

Interior design has similar concepts to styling an outfit.  First, choose your main piece/pieces.  In Rachel's outfit, it's the chiffon maxi dress and for my room, it's the sofa (William Sonoma Home). After the main items are selected, one moves to accent pieces. Rachel's main accents are her leather clutch and gold platform sandals.  My main accents are the leather klismos chair (Arteriors), leather steamer trunk (Restoration Hardware), and to add some height and to break up the horizontal lines, a gilded gold wooden screen (Arteriors).

Rachel always piles on the glamor with her accessories.  Her jewelry collections alone should be in archived in a museum.  I interpreted her wrist full of gold bangles and pendant necklace to be a collection of brass starburst mirrors (Ballard Designs), a brass and marble top Directoire end table (Global Views), and a glass display box (Arteriors).

The piece de resistance of both the outfit and room?  Fur. Gorgeous, soft, luxurious fur. The faux snow leopard throw I included (William Sonoma Home) would be gorgeous hanging just about anywhere in this room- the chair, the steamer trunk, the shoulders of a fabulous lady reclining on the sofa. Sigh. So pretty.

(P.S.  Maybe I am still reeling over yesterday's post on Garrow Kedigian room, but I just had to pop in the Greek inspired pillow (Thomas Paul).   Doesn't it seem fitting?)

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