Urban Archaeology Architectural Salvage Drafting Table

I have fallen in love again. 
With a 
Don't judge.
You'll fall in love too.
But I saw it first. 
It's mine.

The polished finish...The thick acrylic top... The sheer scale and mass....
Is it getting hot in here? Just me? WHEW!!! I'm shvitzing.

The only reason it is not in my shopping cart is because I am moving across country next week.
Ya, that's it... nothing to do with the $17K+ price tag.
Nothing at all.

Check out more of this gorgeously 
restored 1910 cast iron drafting table
and some of its siblings, at Urban Archaeology
(By the way, if you buy this table, they will also give you the original wood top, 
free of charge. Aren't they nice?) 

The Copper Onion

As I'm preparing to leave my home state, I am looking around and 
realizing all the things and places I'm going to miss 
(don't even mention the mountains to me... I don't want to think about leaving those yet).  

One of my favorite places I have only recently discovered is 
in Salt Lake.  I'd describe it as an American take on a Parisian Bistro. 
If you have multiple food allergies like I do, they are more than accommodating, too.
 I took what may have been my last brunch there this weekend, 
which was great timing as they just wrapped up a little interior face lift. 

(please excuse the Instagram pics. I'm NOT a photographer...)

The lighting was PHENOMENAL. 
I mean, I didn't shut up about it the entire time we were there. 
It was CRAZY good lighting.

Next time you're in SLC, I highly recommend dropping by and ordering yourself some Huevos Rancheros.
They are life changing. Literally.

Here are some sources to get the Copper Onion look in your home:

(sources listed clockwise from left)

1. Thonet Era Chair via DWR
3. Barn Light Radial Wave Flute Pendant via Barn Lighting Electric
4. Orbit Wall Sconce Clear via Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.
5. Franklin Wall Sconce via Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.
6. Solomon Dining Table via Pottery Barn


That's right, I'm packing up my little family and heading to the Buckeye state.  My plans change day-to-day but as of right now, we'll hopping in the U-Haul on August 8th. Until then, 
If you are local here in Utah, take a gander at what I have available:
(FYI, this is all designer furniture which I'm GIVING away at these prices)

Bassett 5th Ave Dining Table, $500 (retailed for over $1200)

Becca Dining Chairs (2 available) $100 each

Candice Olson 100% Hand Tufted Rug 5x8 $75!!! (retailed for $1300+)
(small area of discoloration on one corner due from cleaning)

Bassett West End Bureau $500 (retailed for $1600)

Bassett West End Queen Sleigh Bed $350 (retailed for $1000)

Email any inquiries to brookeherd@yahoo.com

Small Space Solution: Nesting Tables

Some people find it surprising I would rather design a small space than a larger one. 
In fact, I personally would never want to live in a space more than about 2,500 square feet.  
Large McMansions just eat up furniture and it's hard to create a 
warm inviting environment that's on a human scale.  Living in a smaller space 
doesn't mean living without, though, one just needs to know how to optimize the space you have.

One of the best ways to optimize a small space would be to utilize
These versatile pieces can be scattered about the room when extra surface area are needed 
(cocktail party anyone?) or you can store them nestled together to free up valuable space.

Check out some killer options I've been spotting lately:
White Lacquered Brass End Tables Vintage

The king daddy of all small space end tables would be a set of lucite nesting tables. 
The clear waterfall form would virtually disappear and take up no visual space.
Vintage circa 1970s lucite end tables
 The above set is vintage circa 1970 but you can find some screaming deals on look-a-likes

3. White Lacquered Nesting Tables via Jonathan Adler
5. Made Goods Liela Nesting Tables via Clayton Gray Home

Turkish-Barak Rug Inspired Girl's Room

When designing a child's room, most people start with the 'theme.' Winnie the Pooh? Disney's Cars? 
I'm not the biggest fan of this method. One, you're are limiting yourself to a specific style. 
Two, kids grow up. Are they going to be a big Batman fan in 5 years? Probably not.

I prefer to gain inspiration from an adult piece of decor and build a room that is youthful but not childish.
I have used wallpaper as inspiration for a nursery, a chandelier for a shared bedroom, and here, I'm using a

Turkish-Barak Vintage Rug Bon Point Caitlin Wilson

I don't know about you but I would be just as happy in this room at 20 as I would be at 8.
Turkish-Barak Rug Inspired Girl's Youth Bedroom Mongolian Pillow Inlay Table Moroccan Bed

1. Turkish-Barak Rug via Caitlin Wilson
2. Fur Pillow via Horchow
3.Coral Dot Pillow via Joss&Main
4. Marcel Bed Luxe via Layla Grace
5. Aleppo Inlay Table via Serena & Lily

{rug image via Caitlin Wilson}

I Married Adventure Osa Inspired Design

After several attempts, I finally won 
on eBay!  I have been pining after this vintage zebra covered classic 
but haven't ever loved it enough to pay the $100-150 price tag.
I snagged this baby up for a mere $27! 

I Married Adventure by Osa Johnson Zebra Cover

Here's my tip on how to snag yours for steal: 
look for listings with the original dust jacket. 
The seller I purchased mine from only posted images with the blue cover:

Dust Jacket Dust Cover I Married Adventure Blue Vintage Book

which, let's be honest, is not that cute. I realized a lot of bidders over-looked this listing
because the gorgeous zebra print cover wasn't catching their eye, so they didn't bid.
The original cover is probably in better condition if the dust jacket is present, too.
That's a win/win in my book!

Here's how others have styled their "I Married Adventure:"

Stack Osa Johnson I Married Adventure Books

Chic Room Accessoried Gold Wing Wishbone Zebra Book Leopard Print
Add caption

The antiqued zebra print is making me dream of using a lil' zebra hide elsewhere in my home:

Vintage Zebra Hide Settee Louis XVI giltwood 1940s

Zebra Hide Ottoman

Zebra Hide Pillows Hide Ottoman

Lonny Mag Zebra Hide Rug Glass Coffee Table

Do you have an copy of "I Married Adventure?"

French Dining Chairs with Unfinished-Finished Backs

My jaw dropped when I came across this image of these
(Could that be the most awkward description of a chair? Possibly...)

French Neoclassical Dining Chairs with Unfinished Finished Backs

I adore this unexpected twist to the timeless Neoclassic frame.   
I have been hemming and hawing over dining chairs for YEARS now 
(literally, I've never used my dining table due to the lack of chairs), 
and I think these won my heart! 

Here the chair frame I have my eye on, finished in a creamy white:

and maybe upholster the seats in faux shagreen?

RAAAARRRR.... So sexy...

Greek Key Inspired Style

I have a confession. I'm a design dork. 
When I'm down and need a little pick-me-up, sometimes I'll create 
When I do this I like to use furniture that I will most likely never be 
able to work with because of the price tag.

Here is one of those boards I created with a mix of designer vintage pieces in an achromatic palette. 
I know gray has been around for awhile but I'm still enamored with this fabulous neutral.

Vintage Furniture Vintage Designer Lighting Sheepskin Rug Grey Chrome

1. Z Gallerie Studio Frames

Snap Shots from Ohio

Hello Loverlies!! 
I'm back in Utah trying to recoup from traveling yesterday.  
Here are a few snap shots from my week in Ohio:

Turquoise Bracelet Turquoise Arm Party MK  Runway Watch

This is what I woke up to each morning... at 6:30 AM.  Good thing these kids are so cute!

Chipotle Gluten Free Tacos

Chipotle is my new favorite g-free discovery. Look at those tacos!!! Delish. 

Minus a few CRAZY gail force hail storms and getting my shins beat to all heck from rough housing kids, it was a pretty fabulous week.  Maybe I just won't make it back to real life anytime soon...

Sigh... one can wish.