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{vintage inspired art by LuciusArt}

Marble Infinity Sink Design Board

Nothing is more timeless than Carrara marble. If it was good enough for 
Michelangelo to sculpt the David out of, 
it's good enough for our modern homes, right?

Here is a classic bathroom designed around the 

Carrara Marble Infinity Vessel Sink Vintage Mirror Subway Tile Hick Pendant Chrome Faucet
is from offered at ChicVesselSink.com, as well, in chrome, nickel or oil-rubbed bronze.

Tres chic, don't you think?

1. Restoration Hardware Pivot Mirror
2. Thomas O'Brien Hicks Pendant
3. Chic Vessel Chic Reach Faucet in Chrome
4. Ann Sacks Beveled Subway Tile
5. Carrara Marble Infinity Sink

Jurassic Onyx Vessel Sink Design Board

I'll admit, I'm having a love affair with onyx.  
I didn't know a whole lot about this stone but realized I NEEDED to find out more when I found this 
Most people think of onyx as a straight black stone, 
when it's actually a multi-layered stone that varies in color, from black and charcoals 
to creams and whites. Onyx is one of the only translucent stones, as well.

Here's how I would style a pretty onyx vessel sink:

Jurassic Onyx Vessel Sink Design Board

1. Rocky Mountain Deck Mount Faucet
2. Quoizel Ferrara Wall Sconce
3. Z Gallerie Reflection Wall Mirrror
4. Schumacher Wallpaper Kisho Sisal in Gold
5. Jurassic Onyx Vessel Sink

Black Basalt Infininty Sink Design Board

Matte black has been coming into vogue over the past year or so (remember this post?) 
and I must admit, I'm a huge fan!  When I saw this  
 for the first time, I had to wipe a little drool off my chin.
The basalt has a gorgeous understated matte finish that would be 
great in a master bath or even a powder room. 
I would style mine with a little Parisian Bistro edge with a lot more 
matte black stone and antique brass:

Chic Vessel Sink Black Basalt Tile Infinity Vessel Sink Design Board
How would you style yours?

4. Shake Door

New Site: Chic Vessel Sink

Hello lovelies!  I have been M.I.A. lately due to a new and exciting project.  
I am proud to announce I have a new site that offers  
 The site is still pretty rough, as it's in BETA mode, but hop on over to check out some gorgeous sinks!

I carry a large line of stone sinks made of  Carrara marble, black basalt, limestone,
 travertine, onyx, granite, etc.  Most of the sinks are clean and contemporary but there are
definitely some style that would work in any bathroom! 

Here are a few of my favorites from the natural stone line:

Marble Infinity Sink Chic Vessel Sink

Limestone Canoe Vessel Sink

Carrara Marble Stone Bowl Sink

Jurassic Marble Onyx Sink

The infinity sinks are bananas, if I say so myself.  
They were inspired by the ever-popular infinity swimming pools and can be 
as functional as you need, as the interior insert is removable. 

This week I'll be posting design boards featuring my new sinks.  
Visit the new site and let me know what you think!

1. Carrara Marble Infinity Sink
2. Limestone Canoe Sink
3. Carrara Marble 14" Bowl Sink
4. Jurassic Marble Sink
5. Black Basalt Infinity Sink