Objet D'art: Lucite Curtain Rod with Gold Square Rings

When Mies van der Rohe stated "God is in the details" he definitely knew what he was talking about.  
You can turn a boring piece (or room for that matter) from stale and boring to an automatic 
"WOW!" just by adding the right details.  

I'm not too ashamed to admit I had to rub a little dribble off my chin when I spotted this
with gold square rings. 

The rings are SQUARE!! SQUARE I tell you! How awe-inspiring is THAT?  These have officially made my 'will-own-one-day' list.  God definitely had a hand in creating this little Lucite beauty. 

Poppin Modern Home Office Supplies

I went shopping for one of my client's kids work spaces the other day and had a blast shopping for chic home office supplies.  For kids, there is a ton of bright, fun accessories to liven up their work spaces.  
As an adult though, I lean towards more minimal 
so I can at least appear clean and organized as I work.  

Poppin. gave me just what I need for my new home office.  I wouldn't mind leaving the scissors out of the drawer when they look that good!  White not your thing?  Poppin has color coordinated sets so if hot pink is more up your alley, they have a collection for you!  

{images via Poppin. Edited by Brooke Jones}

House Crush: Style At Home, All Dressed In White

Because I work with color all day everyday, I am always drawn to rooms that are 
It can be tricky to pull off, as it can easily look 'stale,' but when done right
all white rooms can be restful and timelessly chic.

Read more about this beautiful home at Style at Home.

Office Crush: Who What Wear via The Coveteur

I have recently discovered that  my favorite space to design is an office.  
Weird huh?  I just love making a purely functional space efficient as well as beautiful.  When I stumbled across 
my adoration of chic work spaces was solidified. 

I actually purchased this same vintage Chanel ad off eBay last week (it can also be seen here)! I'm framing mine with white mat and frame, but hey, great minds think a like.

{images via The Coveteur}

Yves Saint Laurent Print

 I have decided that this YSL PRINT vignette is from the home of...

... this fabulous women...

Wouldn't you agree?

{images via Pinterest}

Can This Be Made Into A Room? Layered Michael Kors Watch and Bracelets

We all know I am in love with my 
Even when I'm in sweatpants and white t-shirt, I still feel chic and sexy with the ginormous watch hanging on my wrist.  I even told my husband that besides my wedding ring and my red convertible, it's my favorite thing I own.  Over the past few weeks, I've been seeing it EVERYWHERE in the fashion blog world and I went a little bonkers when I came across this image:


This girl is crazy beautiful and layered to perfection.  I own the watch, chunky chain bracelets, and a comfy cowl neck sweater.  Now I need more leather/gold bracelets and a distressed leather Birkin (like THAT will ever happen...) to create the uber layered look I've heard referred to as an 'arm party.'

This look can be easily translated into your home, as well.  Here's a little design board I threw together:

Sigh... if only I had a different home for each season.  THIS would be my Fall retreat in a heartbeat. 

{inspiration image via Love.J'adore. Fashion.}

70's Inspired Floppy Wool Hat

Over the weekend I gave one of my dearest friends a 
for her birthday.  Now I think I want one, too.

When I say I may want one, I mean, I can't stop thinking about it and had second thoughts of keeping my friend's gift to myself. Not that I would do that...

Sorry for all the fashion posts lately-- this time of year gets my fall fashion blood bubbling.  
I promise beautiful interiors the rest of the week!
Well, maybe...

{images via Look Book & Club Monaco}

Front Door Paint Color Inspirations

We've all done it.  We've sat and stared at the a bright or/and saturated paint sample and thought, "could I pull of this beautiful color in a room?" Then we decide we can't, so we sigh and walk away.  Those colors need not be ignored anymore! Instead, why not PAINT YOUR FRONT DOOR a fun expected color? It's a great way to brighten  up your exterior and get that dash of bold color we all desire! Take a look at these fun choices:

Sigh... If only I didn't rent. That Tiffany blue door would be mine.

Do you have a fun colored front door? If not, what color would you choose?

Perfect Pair: Back to School Fashions + Youth Room Decor

It's that time of year again- time to head back to class.  I always loved this time of year growing up.  The anxiety-ridden wait to find what friends are going to be in your class, the new books, pens, folders, and, most importantly, the new clothes!  Call me crazy, as modern as my tastes are, I love using traditional fabrics and silhouettes in both YOUTH FASHIONS & ROOM DECOR.

"Back to school, back to school, back to prove that I'm no fool." 
 -Billy Madison

(My husband and I decided this adorable girl is what our little girl will look like one day. Fingers crossed!) 

(I DIE over those suspenders!)

Doesn't this time of year make you want to be a kid again? Sigh... They have it made.
Who's ready to go back to school?

Modern Kitchen Design: Canadian House and Home

I have had a major crush on this MODERN KITCHEN for awhile now.

I failed to figure out how to post the video tour so this link will have to suffice:


Fashion Essentials: Gingham Shirt

The Autumn bug has really started to kick in this week.  I know, I know, it's barely mid-August, but hey, some stores already have Christmas decorations out. Now THAT is crazy.  To get my Autumn fix in (without looking too out-of-season) I grabbed a new GINGHAM SHIRT this past week:

So I can style this top for now...
...or later...
Let's take a look at how other modern sophisticates styled their gingham for Summer:

...and for Fall...

Gorgeous gingham isn't just for fashion either.  Take a gander at these gingham interiors:

How would you incorporate gingham in your life??