Kelly Wearstler Estate for Sale

Now you too can live like Kelly Wearstler! The Queen of "WOW!" has listed her Beverly Hills mansion for sale at a mere $46 million.  The estate was highlighted in Mrs. Wearstler's most recent publication, Hue.  Now, if you don't know much of Kelly Wearstler and her avant-garde Hollywood Regency style, be warned... she's a maximalist.  But in a good way.

Kelly with her two sons.

Referring to the mass quantities of statues, busts, and torsos, Kelly mused "There are a lot of other people living here!"

You can read more about this estate at Vogue (it was featured in the Oct. 2009 issue) or at Curbed.  So what do you think?  Crazy cool or just plain kooky?

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