Wideleg Jeans

I heart wideleg jeans.  They elevate any outfit to another level of sophistication.  They are a plain white T's best friend for the weekends, but can be dressed up with a blouse and blazer for the work place.  In fact, I wore a dark rinse pair from Tory Burch to a job interview a few weeks ago.  Not saying my interviewer was so impressed by my fashion selection he gave me the job, but I am one of their employees now...

**Disclaimer: I do understand wearing jeans to a job interview is a faux-pas in most cases.  I highly suggest when in doubt, a pencil skirt or tailored slack are you best bet.  I don't want anyone to loose a job because they wore jeans to the interview.  Just sayin'.**

{images via FRG, Emerson Made, and The Sartorialist}

Birds of a Feather

It's no secret fashion and interior designers' ideas feed off each other (hence the basis of my blog), but this time they took the saying "two birds of a feather" a bit more literal than usual.  The result? Chic, feminine beauty.  If you don't have a reason to wear a feathered ballgown, maybe you can find a place in your home for a little aviary glamour...

{fashion, in order, by Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Nina Ricca & Jason Wu via Style.com}

New Rue!

I love eMags.  They are a periodical addict's best friend and Rue is one of the best.  Their third issue is a stunner too.  I fell head over heads in love with this Manhattan Apartment.  Do you think they'd notice if I just 'happened' to move in with them?

Even the family that lives here are ridiculously gorgeous themselves.  No fair.

Read more about the amazing apartment and more in this issue of Rue.
{images via Rue}

House Crush: Hillside House, SB Architects

Industrial chic is all the rage right now and the Hillside House by SB Architects is the most beautiful specimen of this style I have come across.  While the finishing materials of iron and concrete would lead you to think of a frigid and cold space, the loads of wood paneling and perfectly executed lighting make the home warm and welcoming.

I simply adore the wallpapered ceiling.  It's a great way to add a little whimsy to a kid's room while still keeping with the minimal clean white walls.

Another example of concrete in a bathroom.  Stunningly beautiful.

Perfect Pair: Pattern + Leopard Print

It seems like an unlikely pairing, but when done right, leopard can be mixed with other patterns.  The trick is to mix the scales of pattern.  This girl got it right: a subtle polka dot with chic leopard pumps.  I simply love her.  She can be my friend any day.

With the right pieces and a trained eye, you can pull off this look too!

{original image via The Sartorialist}

Can This Be Made Into A Room? Gucci Pre-Fall 2011

Gucci's Pre-Fall 2011 collection combined my current two loves- shades of grey and updated 1970's silhouettes.  The collection made me think 'can I make a room that's entirely void of color and still make it seem warm and interesting?'  It's a challenge I took on so let's see how it turned out.

{images via FRG}

The trick to designing monochrome (one color) or achromatic (no color, which grey is technically a neutral so it's not a color) rooms is varying shades and textures.  I started my room by finding the perfect modern sectional in a charcoal grey wool flannel (Room and Board).  To ground the room, I would add a large and luxe flokati rug in a lighter shade of grey (Teak, Wicker, and More).  On top of this, I'd place a sleek and streamlined cocktail table in chrome with a grey quartz top (Room and Board).  The polished look of the cocktail juxtaposes nicely against the heavy pile of the area rug.  Mixing opposite textures like this is what gives the room interest.

Now for the finishing touches.  I'd place multiples styles of pillows on the sectional for more added visual interest.   I wouldn't worry that some of the fabrics are warm (Etsy) while others are cool (West Elm) as mixing the diverse tones adds the variety an achromatic room so desperately needs!  I would dress any window in dove grey velvet curtains that puddle elegantly on the floor (Pottery Barn) and add a shiny starburst mirror (Arteriors) for some dashes of glamour.  The crowning moment in the room?  Jonathan Adler's Meurice chandelier (I new I'd find a room to use it in!).

So what do you think?  Could you live in a room completely void of color?

Elle France Jan. 2011

Fine, you got me.  I'm awful at not blogging.  Call up the rehab joint because I am an addict.  How can I NOT post the beautiful things I come across, though? Especially when they're inspired by the seductive 70's?

{Patricia van der Vliet for Elle France January 2011 by Tesh via FRG}

A Lil Somethin' Somethin'

Ok, I said I was taking a short break, but I couldn't leave you hangin'.  Here's a stunning room for a little daily eye-candy.

{Michael Angus Interiors via Canadian House and Home}

A Pre-Weekend Break

It's been a CRAZY week.  Starting a new job is always rough.  Don't you hate being a newbie? Anyway, I'm taking a little hiatus for the next day or so to rejuvenate the creative part of my brain.  Prepare yourself for the beautiful things to come!!

{laura ponte via vt interiors}

Elle Accessory Photo Shoot

As much as I complain about being stuck in Utah, I sure do love Southern Utah.  Wish it would warm up a wee bit more so I could plan a day trip to Moab or Zions with the hubbie...

...and of course we'd drive a vintage Mercedes loaded with Gucci and Louis V luggage.  Is there any other way to take a road trip?
{images via Elle}