CanThis Be Made Into A Room? Tom Ford Spring 2011

He's bbbaaaaaccccckkkkkkkk....!!!!! Tom Ford is back for Spring 2011! Hallelujah! If you lived under a rock throughout the 90's, Tom Ford was the creative genius behind both Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent and has been on hiatus from fashion for the past six years.  Thank goodness the king of sexy is back with his own line, which has been kept quite secret.  The only sneak peaks we have are four images Mr. Ford leaked to Vogue and you know me, I had to turn them into a room!

The sexy Mr. Ford with his harem of chic 70s women.
“The seventies is what I love. Soft, touchable beauty is what I love,” says Ford.

images via Vogue

I think the rich moody blues contrasting against the soft ecru's is so striking.  To turn this collection into a room, I would paint the whole room in a dark dark charcoal-y blue and place a tailored sofa (Room & Board) in bone colored fabric on the main wall to create high contrast in the room's focal point.  In front of the sofa I would place a blue and white leopard print area rug (Horchow).  One of the most common mistakes people make in their homes is using too small of area rug.  Technically, you should choose a rug that is 9-12" smaller than the perimeter of your room but most rugs don't come that large unless you custom order one.  Think the bigger the better, so in front of a sofa place a 9x13 or 8x11 at the very least.  NO 4x6's!! This size would look like a postage stamp on your floor, unless layered on top of another area rug.  Now that we have area rug sizes out of the way, back to Mr. Ford!

 I couldn't design a room without some vintage.  For this 70s inspired room, I would add an oversized brass tray cocktail table, a pair of crystal table lamps (placed on a hidden console behind the sofa), and a glass chandelier, all circa 1970 (1st Dibs).   And how do you interpret a fabulous Afro?  A giant starburst mirror, of course!! This one is brass with blue accents in the center, again, circa 1970 (1st Dibs) and I would place it above the sofa in between the two crystal table lamps.  

To soften the hard lines of the vintage pieces I would drape yards and yards of royal blue dupioni silk (Half Priced Drapes), floor to ceiling, around the windows.  Toss some royal blue silk velvet (Etsy) and Mongolian lamb skin pillows on the sofa to add some interesting textural contrast.  And what would a 70s inspired room be without a disco ball?  A glass mosaic end table from Arteriors does the trick! 

Could you get down with this groovy pad, soul sista?


  1. Wow! Your designs are quite impressive! Wish I could afford you! You Go Girl!

  2. I can't even afford me! Most of these designs are dream rooms with dream budgets. Sigh... One day. I'm glad you like my work!