Kips Bay Showhouse 2010

 The Kips Bay Showhouse is the pinnacle of all showhouses, year after year.  After a looooonnnngggg wait (this year's showhouse was delayed 6 months),  it's finally open!  All proceeds go to the Boys and Girls Club.  If you are in NYC or will be visiting, make sure you drop on by as it closes it's doors after Nov. 11th.  What I wouldn't do to go! Here's a few of the highlights:

Aman Carson Interiors
(Great design trick: add mirror to the back of a plain shelves to enlarge a space and infuse a little glamour.)

Etienne Coffinier Designs Master Bath
(The bubble installation was based off a Harper's Bazaar photo shoot from the 1960's. Love.)

Eve Robinson Kitchen
(I must research the chandelier. I die over it.)

Jeffrey Design Group Bedroom
(Black suede ribbon was attached to the basic lampshade, a classic design trick anyone can do! I love the mix of the 20's bed with the 70's lamps.  THIS is how you mix different periods.)

Jennifer Post Media Room
(Clean, sleek and just about perfection.)

Vincente Wolf Library

 Vincente Wolf hasn't participated in the showhouse since 1991, so this is quite a treat!  On his decision to participate this year he said, "I think our times call for experience.  It's a chance for the average person to walk into one of your rooms.  It shows what decorators do, instead of the stupid TV shows that say you can do it for $5." Amen, Vincente.  Amen.

Vincente Wolf Library, Fireplace Shot
(Wing back chairs for Vincente's own collection.)
 And my personal winner of Best of Show:

Katie Ridder Entry
 What's not to love about this entry?  I'm a big believer on making a style statement in a small space, like a entryway or powder room.  This space would definitely make me feel welcome each and every time I came home.  My favorite part? The coral finial.  And the painted ceiling.  And the pagoda wallpaper. And the pink trim.  And the border on the runner. It's all in the details!!!

Katie Ridder Entry
Kips Bay Showhouse 2010
106 East 71st Street
New York, New York
Thursday, October 14th - Thursday, November 11th

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