Love Me Some Leopard

Michael Kors RTW Fall 2009
Open up any fashion or design magazine lately and you'll see leopard print is all the rage.  My question is, was leopard print ever out?  I don't think there is another print more well adjusted to luxurious living and from the pictures you'll find below, it's been style maker's favorite for decades.  

1960s Vogue via My Vintage Vogue
1960s Vogue via My Vintage Vogue

Metropolitan Home
I told my husband before we married that he must be willing to have at least one room of our home with wall-to-wall leopard print carpet. I still remind him of this about every 6 months and his reply: "Whatever you want, dear."  He knows how to keep a girl happy!

Diana Vreeland Office at Vogue
1970s Trench via This Is Glamorous



Elle Decor

Miles Redd

via This Is Glamorous

Ralph Lauren Paris 2010
(notice the beyond gorgeous parquet floor, another must for my future home)

My absolute favorite, Christina Hendricks for London Fog 2010
One word of warning, a little leopard goes a long way, so use with restraint or you could look like this:

Thom Filicia's Tacky House 'before' shot
 OK, I just threw up a little in my mouth.  I can't leave you with such an atrocious image, so I'll leave you with dreams of Michael Kors...

Michael Kors RTW Fall 2009

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  1. So I guess this is why Gretchen won Runway this year? Makes me feel good that I have one pair of leopard print peep-toe heels that I don't use in excess! Makes me want you to come to my house and help me out!!!