Objet D'art: Designer Gift Bag

I have been on the lookout for great gallery wall inspirations since I'm in the process of redecorating my living room.  I have a black velvet sofa against a large white wall (it wouldn't be white if I had my way, but that's what I get for renting...).  I have always been obsessed with black and white photography but sometimes you just need to mix it up.  Lately I've been seeing designer shopping bags as objet d'art and I'm in LOVE!!

What a fabulous way to dress up a closet, no?

Even my favorite Million Dollar Decorator, Mary MacDonald used one for her client, Jill Roberts.

Ok, so I couldn't find a photo of the actual coral-colored bag that was pinned to the left on the over-sized bulletin board, but I had to post this amazing office. I. Die.

I'm jumping on the band wagon and I just placed a bid on eBay for this little beauty:

...fingers crossed, I'll win it!!

The plan is to arrange it with cut-outs from Jerry Schatzberg's 'Women Then: 1954-1969':

I seriously ADORE this book.  Since I am unable to find any Schatzberg prints anywhere (and I probably couldn't afford them if I did), I'm going to frame my favorite pages from the book I already own and re-order a new one for my coffee table.  Who said chic art had to be expensive?

Now to go frame shopping...

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  1. Oh I am excited to see the wall decors on the first picture. I have a paper bag collection from different stores and they are still pretty well kept. I will try to copy the idea of placing them in a frame also.