Art Wall: Gallery vs. Shelf

I really can't decide what look I like better- art displayed in a gallery style or layered on a shelf?  I have been waffling between the two styles for a while now.

I"ll see an image like this:

....and I am enamoured.  
Then I'll come across an image like this:

...and my jaw will drop.

Which makes me me wonder,


...or shelves...

...or shelves...

...or shelves...

I need to come to a decision as I need to place art above my sofa.  Arg... This decision is just too hard.

 Which look do you like best?  I need to know!

{images via Pinterest & Sarah Richardson Design}


  1. Love this! My daddy built me picture shelves while he was here last month and I LOVE THEM! I love how many more pictures I can fit on them versus hanging them on the wall. I like the more casual layered look they have. But thats just me. I also have a gallery wall in my room that I love just as much. :) Keep it up! Love it!

  2. i am goin with gallery...