Cowhide Rugs: Not Just for the Country

Maybe it is still that little bit of Texas I can't get out of my blood but lately I've been loving anything and everything cowhide.  Since the first half of the 20th century, cowhide rugs have been a classic element for any chic home.  With the variety of colors and finishes available on the market,  most everyone can find a hide to fit their style.


Metallic Silver:

Metallic Gold:

I think hair-on-hide rugs are the perfect solution when you have a small space or a large beautiful solid surface floor which need a little warming up but you don't want to cover too much real estate.  Use them in a grand master bath, at the corner of a king size bed, or to ground a little seating vignette.

If a rug shaped like the animal it use to be isn't your thing but you still want to add a little hair-on-hide in your home, try upholstering a vintage piece in cowhide:

Circa 1960s

Circa 1950s

Circa 1970s

Can you tell I'm obsessed??

1 comment:

  1. I got my rug from The Cowhide Company.

    I prefer the natural styles over the devore/freaky-uber-modern new stuff that is coming out, but to each his own. Especially when you consider this is something that's going to be on your floor for the next 20+ years. ;-)