Jeff Lewis Wallpaper

With the new season of Flipping Out starting this past week, I am in design TV HEAVEN-- Million Dollar Decorators AND Jeff Lewis? Best.  Television.  Ever.

Jeff and his team started out the season with a lil' bungalow remodel.  Throughout the home and in Jeff's new rental home, I kept noticing this amazing wallpaper.  After the show, I dug in a little deeper and found that the wallpaper was actually designed by Jeff Lewis himself.

You can buy your own little piece of Jeff Lewis Design here 
(and if you do, I want to come visit to drool over it in person...).

I can't wait to see what chinanigans (and beautiful homes) pop up in season 5!


  1. can you tell me where i can buy the wallpaper 2nd from the bottom.

  2. Jeff Lewis wallpaper is shared on the post here. Read all about it