Jonathan Adler Channing Collection

Now that I purchased a desk for my living room, I have started focusing on the finding the perfect credenza to coordinate.  I've scoured 1st Dibs (you know it's my favorite!) and other high-end furniture websites looking for a vintage-y but not too traditional and not too modern credenza.  I was actually sitting at a park up the canyon yesterday afternoon when I stumbled across this little guy from Jonathan Adler on my iPhone:


Unfortunately, the price is not perfection.  My plan is to recover from the latest curtains+desk+(hopefully)chair purchases and then custom build a credenza quite similar to this to keep costs down (maybe twice as long with 4 doors?? Hmm...).  Until that great day happens, here's a look at the coordinating pieces to Adler's stunning Channing collection to dream about:

Remember this philly from this post?  I still adore it.

I'm CRAZY for this screen.  I may have to attempt a DIY to recreate look.  It couldn't be too hard, right?

This chair isn't a part of the Channing collection but it was too pretty not to include.

There are no words...

{images via Jonathan Adler}

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  1. Love it all! That chair is divine. Thanks for stopping by my blog today ;)