Design Crush: Mary McDonald

I finally have my own copy of Mary McDonald's book "Interiors: The Allure of Style" (thank you Mom!) and it did not disappoint me!  First thing I do when I receive a new design book is take off the cover and Mary's book knocked my socks off.  Literally. 

{This scanned image in no way does this book justice.  I'll take a picture with my camera tomorrow so you can see the cover in all it's glory.   Trust me, it's worth the wait.}
I'm kicking myself a little because I was this close to making the Modern Sophisticate button a sillouette of a similar starburst.  Maybe it's a good thing I didn't so people didn't think I copied Mary. Anyway, I digress...
Let's get inspired by some of Mary's interiors, shall we?

"There is no formula for glamour.  It combines shimmer and charisma.  It's elusive, but you know it when you see it." 

"I want all my rooms to have an elegant aura and a timeless, glamorous mystique."

"Restraint is the sister of chic.  It should feel like you're pulling the reins on a bridle when the horse wants to gallop."

"Modernism isn't a period or a style; it's an attitude."

My husband peaked over my shoulder as I was devouring all the glamorous rooms and when I came across the above bedroom he said "That is a 'Brooke' room."  Why yes. Yes it is.  I adore the accent wall upholsterd in grey flannel then accented in nickel nailheads to create faux panels.  Simply gorgeous.

"It takes courage to mix things up and conviction to push a look to its limit.  When you do, the reward is rooms that exude passion, personality, and flair."

Mary McDonald Inc.

{images via Mary McDonald Inc.}

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