Gehry Guggenheim?

I came across this photo shoot done by Karine Basilio for L'Officiel Brazil and it stopped me in my tracks.  Is that Frank Gehry I see???  I couldn't find any information on the photoshoot's location, but it HAS to be Gehry.  The Guggenheim in Bilboa?  The Walt Disney Concert Hall in L.A., perhaps?  Either way, Gehry's Post-Modernist style is gorgeous and unmistakable. 

My architect-uncle-in-law informed me that each panel for the Walt Disney Concert Hall had to have it's own CAD drawing because each has it's own specific curve.  If you've seen one of Gehry's buildings in person, you know there are A LOT of panels.  It blows my mind.

If any of my readers recognize this building, leave me a comment and let me know what it is! 

{images via FGR}

P.S.  I just realized I spelled Gehry's name COMPLETELY wrong.  If you read this post earlier, please note that I do know how to spell one of the world's most famous architect's names.  Just not first thing in the morning, apparently, lol.

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