House Crush: Barbara Barry Gone Country?

While I was researching another post in progress I came across this home in the Tetons designed by... Barbara Barry????  Not the first person I would have thought of to design a rustic farmhouse since she's more a California modern classicist, but she did an AMAZING job.  Would we expect anything less from Barbara?

 The ultimate modern sophisticate said the clients "...wanted something that would suit the setting and their casual, active lifestyle.  Their intention was to build an unpretentious yet refined farmhouse that would stand the test of time."

"Barry maintains that she does not 'decorate.' Instead, she 'orchestrates sophisticated but practical rooms, keeping the focus on function.' No cowboy decoration for this Wyoming home."

Doesn't this dining room remind you of an updated version of the Draper's kitchen nook?  Just me?  Maybe I've been watching too much Mad Men...

The master bedroom is more of the Barbara Barry we know and love.  I'm drooling over the dark cherry armoire. Who would have thought it would have looked so great in a country home?

When I have my own country home, THIS is how I will design it.  Still city chic, just adjusted for the Rockies.

{images and quotes via Veranda}

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