Fashion Essential: Chambray Shirt

Along with autumnal tones of orange, chambray is a fabulous way to transition your wardrobe into Fall.  I am anxiously awaiting for a shirt similar to this:

to come back from the tailor's (*hint* when shopping clearance, don't ignore the petite section.  My lovely sister-in-law taught me to buy one size up and the fit should be closer to average sizes.  My shirt was a little too boxy for my taste, but $7+$20 for alterations, makes this org. $70 shirt a STEAL!). 

As I'm patiently waiting (well, maybe not so patiently...), I have been perusing the net for outfit inspirations.  Here are some looks you can wear now:

(apparently I like chambray with white jeans)

...or later:

I never thought I would appreciate the "cowboy tuxedo" (a.k.a. denim shirt with denim pants), but when done right, it's tres chic!  The key to pulling the look off  is to make sure the washes are completely different.  I have a hankerin' my chambray shirt may make multiple appearances over the next few months!

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  1. yep, been looking for the perfect chambray myself. I work at J.Crew part time, you would think I would own one by now!