Can This Be Made Into A Room? Layered Michael Kors Watch and Bracelets

We all know I am in love with my 
Even when I'm in sweatpants and white t-shirt, I still feel chic and sexy with the ginormous watch hanging on my wrist.  I even told my husband that besides my wedding ring and my red convertible, it's my favorite thing I own.  Over the past few weeks, I've been seeing it EVERYWHERE in the fashion blog world and I went a little bonkers when I came across this image:


This girl is crazy beautiful and layered to perfection.  I own the watch, chunky chain bracelets, and a comfy cowl neck sweater.  Now I need more leather/gold bracelets and a distressed leather Birkin (like THAT will ever happen...) to create the uber layered look I've heard referred to as an 'arm party.'

This look can be easily translated into your home, as well.  Here's a little design board I threw together:

Sigh... if only I had a different home for each season.  THIS would be my Fall retreat in a heartbeat. 

{inspiration image via Love.J'adore. Fashion.}

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