Personal Library: Youth Bookshelf Walls

My adorable twin nieces had their first birthday yesterday and a wave of jealousy came over me 
when they received some gorgeous children's books for presents.  
I'd rather have a good book over almost any other gift in the world.  I love 'em. Can't get enough of 'em.  
I have even tossed the idea around with my husband of starting to collect books for our future kids.  
If I had the extra storage, I would do it.  Then I would create gorgeous 
like these:

Don't you just love how the books are displayed so we can see their fun covers?  I may have to convince my sister to install a wall for one of her girls so I can live vicariously through her... or have a child of my own.... I think I like the first idea better.

{images via Lonny Mag & Pinterest}

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  1. I love this idea. I came across some of the same pictures when looking for inspiration for my baby-to-be's nursery. Because of the small space I was working with, I did a much smaller, scaled-back version of this idea.

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