Pretty Lil' Abstracts

It's official.  I REALLY want to learn how to paint abstracts.  I have always wanted to paint as a 'release' and it seems my uber busy schedule is making that desire stronger (as if I have time to sit down anymore!!).  Who knows, maybe I could create some beauties like these:

Aren't these to-DIE-for?  I have been searching online for classes and even visited my local art supply store to search for instruction, but **sigh...** I live in Utah.  No one here appreciates modern art as they should.  Anyone know where I could turn for some Abstract Art 101??

{All art by Jen Ramos.  Images via Cocoa&Hearts & MadeByGirl}


  1. I love Jen Ramos' art too! I also agree that abstract art looks amazing in a space and takes it to the next level. Hope you can find a class nearby. It sounds like it would be fun to learn! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. :)

  2. Hi there, I'm on the same page. I too want to paint my own abstract art. I've decided to start small so I've purchased small canvases (around 11x18 and thin in profile) and a pack of acrylics just to get my feet wet. Then I'm going to find abstract images I like and use it for inspiration... and go from there. Then take what I've made and translate it to a bigger canvas. Hope that helps, can't wait to see what we come up with.

  3. thank you for writing about my work! I will include you in a thank you post! :)