Hick Pendant by Thomas O'Brien

Besides my new iPhone, there's a new obsession in my life- the  
by the fabulous Thomas O'Brien.

The Hick Pendant is the perfect mix of modern and vintage, warm and cool tones, sleek and antiqued, etc.  Can't decide to go with the gold tones that are coming more and more popular or stick with the oil rubbed bronze that has been all over the place for the past few years? This pendant is for you!  Are you in need of more white and silver tones for your room? Don't worry, it comes in polished nickel, too.

The Hick Pendant isn't just for the kitchen, either.  Look how fab it looks in the bedroom:

in the living room:

even in the entryway:

Here are some more samplings of rooms with this gorgeous light  fixture:

This little beauty comes in 4 different finishes and 3 sizes.  I bet you could find one to fit every room of your home!


  1. When I saw the name I thought they were going to be made from recycled soda bottles or something. You know to light the old seat from the van on the front porch.

  2. Adore these lights as well...infact, bookmarking this post for future reference! Thanks!!

  3. c'est sympa ici!!! je vous ajoute!

  4. They're simple and stunning! I especially love those two toned coloring!

    Happy weekend dear!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  5. I absolutely love it...such statement lighting!!

  6. The lighting fixtures in the kitchen are unbelievable. I am in LOVE.

  7. These light fixtures are insane! So beautiful!