Target Beverage Tubs

I dropped by Target this morning to grab a quick swimsuit cover-up (our pool opens this weekend! Not that it's warm enough to use yet...) and I was amazed by what they had in stock for home decor.  I know everyone RAVES about Target, but I find it's usually hit-and-miss.  Boy, was it a hit today!

 Front and center were these little beauties:

which reminded me of this nursery:

Such a great way to store and organize all those darned stuff animals!  So I bought two for my twin nieces. 

These 'beverage tubs' come in several sizes and finishes and could be used for a million purposes around the house. 

The jumbo size is less than $20, so you could literally buy one of each and not break the bank!! Bravo Target. Bravo.
{images via Target & MadeByGirl}

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