iPhone 4 White

After months ans months of holding out, I finally caved and purchased the new iPhone 4.  I. LOVE. IT.  Who knew a little gadget could do so much?  How did I live without it for so long?  It is soooo pretty, too...

Placing the phone on my husband's Banksy book doesn't hurt the phone's artistic value, either.

So far I have downloaded the Benjamin Moore app, a shopping list app, and the level app-- I would recommend all of these for any designer or designer-in-training!  My fav app has to be Pandora, though, which I can listen to IN MY CAR! So cool.  Sorry radio, you have been replaced.

As I am new to this whole app thing, I would love to hear what apps you couldn't live without.  Any fellow designers out there have any good suggestions?

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