Turkish-Barak Rug Inspired Girl's Room

When designing a child's room, most people start with the 'theme.' Winnie the Pooh? Disney's Cars? 
I'm not the biggest fan of this method. One, you're are limiting yourself to a specific style. 
Two, kids grow up. Are they going to be a big Batman fan in 5 years? Probably not.

I prefer to gain inspiration from an adult piece of decor and build a room that is youthful but not childish.
I have used wallpaper as inspiration for a nursery, a chandelier for a shared bedroom, and here, I'm using a

Turkish-Barak Vintage Rug Bon Point Caitlin Wilson

I don't know about you but I would be just as happy in this room at 20 as I would be at 8.
Turkish-Barak Rug Inspired Girl's Youth Bedroom Mongolian Pillow Inlay Table Moroccan Bed

1. Turkish-Barak Rug via Caitlin Wilson
2. Fur Pillow via Horchow
3.Coral Dot Pillow via Joss&Main
4. Marcel Bed Luxe via Layla Grace
5. Aleppo Inlay Table via Serena & Lily

{rug image via Caitlin Wilson}


  1. I love this girl's room! Turkey is by far one of my favorite places and they have beautiful designs. I think your strategy is a great idea so that the room can be age appropriate for a lot longer!


  2. Ahhhh i LOVE it, and I LOVE that rug. I think the polka dot pillow you chose is the perfect accompaniment!

  3. Such a sweet room. I love the delicate sophistication and the fun, especially of the coral dotted pillow.

  4. Bravo! A theme room is so amateurishness and shallow. This room has depth and style.