Small Space Solution: Nesting Tables

Some people find it surprising I would rather design a small space than a larger one. 
In fact, I personally would never want to live in a space more than about 2,500 square feet.  
Large McMansions just eat up furniture and it's hard to create a 
warm inviting environment that's on a human scale.  Living in a smaller space 
doesn't mean living without, though, one just needs to know how to optimize the space you have.

One of the best ways to optimize a small space would be to utilize
These versatile pieces can be scattered about the room when extra surface area are needed 
(cocktail party anyone?) or you can store them nestled together to free up valuable space.

Check out some killer options I've been spotting lately:
White Lacquered Brass End Tables Vintage

The king daddy of all small space end tables would be a set of lucite nesting tables. 
The clear waterfall form would virtually disappear and take up no visual space.
Vintage circa 1970s lucite end tables
 The above set is vintage circa 1970 but you can find some screaming deals on look-a-likes

3. White Lacquered Nesting Tables via Jonathan Adler
5. Made Goods Liela Nesting Tables via Clayton Gray Home

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