The Copper Onion

As I'm preparing to leave my home state, I am looking around and 
realizing all the things and places I'm going to miss 
(don't even mention the mountains to me... I don't want to think about leaving those yet).  

One of my favorite places I have only recently discovered is 
in Salt Lake.  I'd describe it as an American take on a Parisian Bistro. 
If you have multiple food allergies like I do, they are more than accommodating, too.
 I took what may have been my last brunch there this weekend, 
which was great timing as they just wrapped up a little interior face lift. 

(please excuse the Instagram pics. I'm NOT a photographer...)

The lighting was PHENOMENAL. 
I mean, I didn't shut up about it the entire time we were there. 
It was CRAZY good lighting.

Next time you're in SLC, I highly recommend dropping by and ordering yourself some Huevos Rancheros.
They are life changing. Literally.

Here are some sources to get the Copper Onion look in your home:

(sources listed clockwise from left)

1. Thonet Era Chair via DWR
3. Barn Light Radial Wave Flute Pendant via Barn Lighting Electric
4. Orbit Wall Sconce Clear via Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.
5. Franklin Wall Sconce via Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.
6. Solomon Dining Table via Pottery Barn

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