Get Cozy: Reindeer Hide Rugs

I'm sure you have seen cowhide rugs everywhere these days in modern interior design.  
I still love the organic and chic feel they give to a room but when I stumbled across some
my heart skipped a beat.  
Maybe it stems from my Nordic heritage, or maybe it's the whole Rudolph thing since
Christmas is a week away, but I can't get enough of these beautiful skins.
Before you call PETA on me, know that the people of Lapland hunt wild
reindeer herds, use the meat as their food source and use their skins for clothing, blankets, rugs, etc.  
The reindeer hides I'm posting are the by-products and complete the sustainable recycling process.

Aren't those colors to die for?  
The whites, beiges, taupe greys and charcoals would fit PERFECTLY in my living room.  Just sayin'...

If Rudolph isn't you thing but you want to add the same color palette through a fur, 
why not try some naturally dark Nordic sheepskins?  
Or while you're at it, why not have a reindeer hide in one room a coordinating sheepskin in the next?
Adding either would a be great way to cozy up any space to get us through winter.

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  1. I'm kind of in love with these..and they seem much cozier than the cowhide version. Thanks for sharing!