Berkshire Estate: Kid Spaces

I am a big believer in designing kid spaces for the future, not just for today.
Kids grow up, so if a space is designed around an age specific theme 
(i.e. Winnie the Pooh, Super Man...) then you have placed an expiration date on the space. 
Someday the kid will outgrown the theme and you will have some redecorating on your hands.

If you design kids spaces that are YOUTHFUL instead of YOUNG, 
then the space will grow with your child.

Great examples of this concept are the 

Though the boys of the house love Toy Story and Cars, 
we designed their rooms around basic stripes and industrial finishes, like gunmetal and chrome.
The 'young'-ness comes in through their toys and easily replaced items, like shower curtain hooks.

Blue White Awning Stripe Bedding Green Monogram Canvas Ceiling Fan Custom Nightstand Low Profile Bed

Do you recognize the nightstands (or at least the corner of the nightstands)?
They were actually the master bedroom's nightstands that were made to the wrong measurements. 
With the addition of a low profile gunmetal bed, though,
we were able to save these gorgeous pieces from the recycle pile!

Kid Desk Space Stained Concrete Counter Top Grey Cabinetry White X Back Chair

The kid's desk area is open to the main kitchen (which I'll be revealing in all it's glory tomorrow) so we repeated the island's materials.  We painted the desk a charcoal grey, added stainless steal pulls, installed stained concrete counter tops and hung three globe pendants in row.

West Elm Globe Pendants Kid Work Space Concrete Counter

Now for the envy of every kid in the neighborhood:
(the concept of keeping kids spaces timeless kind of went out the window with this one...
But come on, it's a BALL PIT with a SLIDE!)

Ball Pit Under Stairs Yellow Banana Slide

In Home Ball Pit With Slide Space Under Stairs

 Such a cool idea to use up the awkward space under the stairs.
Chucky Cheese who?

{Interior Design by Brooke Jones Designs, Photography by Jylare Smith}

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  1. A ball pit with a slide is timeless - I wish I had one for me!