Berkshire Estate: Exterior + Pool

This week I'll be revealing the 

Brooke Jones Designs Berkshire Exterior Modern Craftsman

The client wanted a home that reflected her personal taste and lifestyle.
When she couldn't find a home on the market that fit her needs, she decided it was time to build. 
And build she did!  The client is an amazing interior designer on her own but 
with a job on this scale, she called me in for reinforcements. 
Both of our personal aesthetics are clean, clean, clean, 
so it working with her was a natural fit!

We decided the term for her style of home was 
 as we couldn't go too contemporary in a neighborhood surrounded by ginormous 
Tuscan villas. We received our inspiration from East coast style homes: Cape Cod, Shaker, etc.
We then mixed it all up with natural materials, like stone and wood, to make it more 
fitting for the Rocky Mountains, and here's what we got! Take a gander at the


Modern Craftsman Berkshire Estate Exterior Brick Natural Stone Shakers Hardyboard

Berkshire Carriage House Garage Doors White Craftsman Exterior Lights

White Craftsman Exterior Light Lantern DIY Makeover Brooke Jones Designs

Out of every detail in this home, the exterior lanterns just may be my favorite element. Did you know white exterior lights are impossible to find?? Which makes no sense to me, considering how popular white trim is for exteriors... Anyway, we looked into manufacturing our own lights but when the quotes came back ($$ CHA-CHING!!$$), we decided a little DIY was in order. We found lanterns where we liked the shape, spray painted the oil rubbed bronze out white, replaced the dated yellow seeded glass with clear panels and topped it off with a round clear light bulb. We did this for every. lantern. on. the exterior. 
Good thing they turned out so gosh darn beautiful! 
(P.S. Exterior lighting manufacturers: 
HIRE ME TO DESIGN NEW STYLES FOR YOU! I'll make you rich, I tell ya.)

Now on to Paradise, a.k.a.

Adirondack Chairs Poolside Blue White Awning Blue Pool Lounge Chairs

White Blue Stripe Awning Fabric Kids Child Lounge Chair

It's hard to show scale from these shots but the striped lounge chairs are kid-size.
How fun is that?

Stay tuned... we'll be heading inside tomorrow!

{Exterior material selection + poolside design by Brooke Jones Design, 
Photography by Jylare Smith}

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