Dwell Studios for Global Views

Some things just belong together.  That's why I think Global Views pairing up with Dwell Studio is a match made in design heaven.

The polished sophistication Global Views is known for is getting a jolt of retro 70's patterns and texture.  Check out my favorite pieces from the new collection:

Diamond Cube

Diamond Cut Vase

Gold Ribbons Drinking Glass Tall

Gold Triangle Drinking Glass Short

Tubular Metal Burst with Stone Base

Golden Gates Lacquered Tray

Trellis Lacquered Tray

Linking Trellis Double Bulb Vases
I think I need one of everything. Maybe two...

The collection is debuting this month at High Point.  I am excited to hear what the design community thinks of the chic collection!


  1. Brooke! I LOVE this collection. Thanks for posting it!

  2. I'm going to see it in person tomorrow, and I can't wait!!

  3. Love the tray with the yellow robert allen fabric. Your blog is beautiful, I am glad you found mine so I could find yours - I'll be back!