My Man's Christmas List (If I Were To Write It For Him)

My husband is a funny guy.  Upon watching "Crazy Stupid Love," he developed a man crush on Ryan Gosling's character and his GQ style.  He started styling his hair with a side part and we bought him slim cut slacks, dress shirts and even a skinny tie.  I think it's adorable. To continue his interest in all things GQ, here is
(if I were to write it for him.  I'm sure his real list would be full of electronics).

2. H&M Cardigan
4. American Apparel Casio Men's Watch

Brooke's Black Friday Christmas List

I survived my first G-free Thanksgiving!! 
I think I deserve something nice as a reward, don't you?  Here's a quick 
of objects I can't stop thinking about. 

1. Made By Girl Lulu Clutch
3. Diane Von Furstenberg's Night Gold Tone Flatware
4. West Elm Faux Fur Throw

Maybe Santa will be extra nice to me and get me EVERYTHING
 since all the items look so great together.
My fingers are crossed!

What are you asking Santa for this year?
Did you go Black Friday shopping and did you survive?

Thanksgiving Table Inspiration

In case you were in need of some last minute
(and it truly would be last minute as we are T-minus 12 hours and counting),
here is one of me favorite images of a modern festive feast.

Simple and modern yet still says "harvest."  
It may also be the only acceptable use for rafia.


{image via Shelterness}

Jessica's Little Shop of Illustrations

I was perusing Etsy the other day and stumbled across a fabulous little store,
I haven't been able to stop thinking about this little beauty:
It's moving near the top of my Christmas list.

Here are a few other drool-worthy prints:

Since it's the owner/creator's birthday, she if offering a HUGE special-
I'm off to go hint how amazing of a deal this is to the hubbie.
These prints will be mine...

Made By Girl Interior Design Contributor

This certainly has been an exciting week for me.
First and foremost, I have been selected to be a

Yep, that's right. I'm THAT Brooke Jones.
It's a huge honor and I couldn't be more thrilled.  I will keep you up to date on my first post!

Second, I had a fun last minute photo session with my UBER talented sister, Brittany.
Here are a few of my favorites:

See what I mean? Seriously talented.
Check out more of her stunning photography at

And a quick final note, I was FINALLY diagnosed with my mystery disease.

Drum roll please....

I have....


Weird, right?  At least it's a disease that is fun to say.
I am still in the throws of figuring out what this means but the doc basically said I will be
 gluten-free and pasteurized milk free the rest of my life. It could definitely be worse.

Off to go research gluten-free gravy recipes.
(How awful to be diagnosed the week before Thanksgiving!? That's just cruel.)

{Images by Jen Ramos via Made By Girl & Brittany Mangelson at A Little of This, A Little of That}

Shine by S.H.O.

I am always on the look out for pieces of furniture that are clean and classic 
but with some unexpected twists. When I stumbled across
I feel head over heals.  Take the classic wingback, for example.
The wingback has been around for centuries dating back to the old European estates
(designed to lock in the warmth of a fireplace).  Shine cleaned up the ornamentation, exaggerated 
a few sexy curves and BINGO! A modern take on a classic piece:

They did the same with a French settee:

a chaise lounge:

and a Greek Key side table:

A good wallop of white doesn't hurt either! 
What do you think?  Do you like putting a twist on a classic piece 
or is it a travesty to mess with a good thing?

{images via SHINE}

Design Books: The Perfectly Imperfect Home & This Side of Paradise

It was a good mail day.
I received BOTH 
(the stunning Penguin Classics version).

They came just in time, 'cause I've been under the weather the past few days and needed something to curl up with (well, besides my hubby and dog.  They are pretty fun to curl up with...).

My favorite quote thus far from "The Perfectly Imperfect Home" is from the ever fabulous
Elsie de Wolfe:

"What is the goal?  A house that is like the life that goes with it, 
a house that gives us beauty as we understand it-- 
and beauty of a nobler kind that we may grow to understand."

What books are you digging lately?

Sputnik Chandelier

I'm crushing on this 
 from Z Gallerie. And for only $299??
 Who said style had to cost a lot.

It's going in my wish list for my future home office.

{image via Z Gallerie}

Rachel Zoe Fashion Office with WhoWhatWear

I go BANANAS over Rachel Zoe.  
I love her sense of glamour that is mainly based in 70's luxury brands.  
I would do just about anything to get into her closet but I'll have to settle for 
this photo shoot that takes a sneak peak into 

Have you died yet?  Don't worry. It gets better...

The above image is of her vintage archives. I. Die.

Ok, I really can't take the mass beauty of these shoes. 
 Let's switch over to the interior design aspects of the office before the drool literally streams down my chin.

Love those x-backed open shelves.

A vintage mirrored coffee table is a natural choice.
One day, I WILL have an office this gorgeous. One day...

{images via The Coveteur}

Classic Bathroom Design

For some reason, I have been day dreaming about tile.  
Maybe because I am SOOO over my renter's linoleum that I'm forced to live with. 
YACK.  If I was able, I'd remodel with in a 
like this:

The husband even said he likes the floor tile!!
Now to figure out a way to install tile temporarily so I can get my deposit back...

Accordion Pleat Skirt

Happy November!! I die over this burnt orange 
and think it would be perfect for these transitional days into cooler weather.

So chic. So effortless. So 70's.

I am presenting my first design-in-a-box today. 
Hope they love it and I can show you pics of the final product shortly!!