Rachel Zoe Fashion Office with WhoWhatWear

I go BANANAS over Rachel Zoe.  
I love her sense of glamour that is mainly based in 70's luxury brands.  
I would do just about anything to get into her closet but I'll have to settle for 
this photo shoot that takes a sneak peak into 

Have you died yet?  Don't worry. It gets better...

The above image is of her vintage archives. I. Die.

Ok, I really can't take the mass beauty of these shoes. 
 Let's switch over to the interior design aspects of the office before the drool literally streams down my chin.

Love those x-backed open shelves.

A vintage mirrored coffee table is a natural choice.
One day, I WILL have an office this gorgeous. One day...

{images via The Coveteur}

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  1. Obsessed! She is so amazing...and so is her office. I too will have an office like that...one day :)