Kelly Wearstler's Interior Design Blog

What.....?  Kelly Wearstler has a new design blog?  Craziness.

Kelly has only one post up, as of today, but it alone amazed me.  Did you know she uses trays in lieu of design boards? Genius.  Look at her amazing design studio:

Each one of those trays is a client's 'room.'  Oh to be able to peruse and take a sneak peak of the beautiful madness that is Kelly Wearstler's work.

Run, don't walk, over to Kelly's Blog.


  1. you had me at kelly wearstler.......xoxo

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  3. Kelly is amazing! She has great taste when it comes to interior designing. I'm glad she has a blog to share her ideas with us.

  4. Kelly really has a very good talent. I love her studio. Thumbs up!