eMag: High Gloss Premier Issue!

I recently posted about how much I love eMags. Well, I may have just stumbled across my favorite one! Check out the premier issue of High Gloss!

This dining area was inspired by the Rat Pack through the 50's and 60's.  You know I love any room that has Dorothy Draper's chest and lacquered chairs!

Honestly, magazine's style boards never really strike me as pretty.  They always push the envelope a bit too much for me.  But this one? I think they jumped in my brain and posted everything I would want them to post!

Great minds think a like! The starburst mirror in the background of the above picture is the same starburst I have over my bed and the blue Surya rug, below, is in my kitchen. Adore!

Check out this new eMag in all its fabulousness at

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  1. I am 100% with you, Brooke. High Gloss does not disappoint. I love it! Have a great weekend.