Love of Gloves

My dearest friend gave me such a great Christmas present- a vintage fashion pamphlet entitled 'Gloves: Fashion & Etiquette,' circa 1961.  I adore it.  I have now learned I should never appear in public without gloves, never eat, drink or smoke with gloves on, or make a habit of carrying my gloves as "they should be considered an integral part of you costume."  Isn't it interesting how times change?

It makes me wish I lived in a time where women actually wore gloves and hats and scarves...  they really knew how to dress up and be ladies, didn't they?

Gloves then:

"...nothing looks more luxurious than a 16-button glove crushed to a 8-button length..."
-Gloves: Fashion & Etiquette
(then again, some things DON'T change.)

 Orange tweed + leopard + a hat + gloves = Perfection

 Isn't this a spot-on Joan from Mad Men?  I wonder if this image was ever inspiration for her character...

All is not lost for us modern sophisticates, though!  The past season or so gloves have made their way back in the spotlight.  From short wrist lengths to full lengths reaching almost to one's shoulder, there is a glove out there for everyone!

Gloves for today:

Talk about a modern-day Joan! I DIE over these (also, she makes me want to dye my hair a pretty shade of crimson...).  My etiquette pamphlet informed me that the only appropriate accessories to wear with gloves are bracelets.  Agreed, 1961, agreed.
Trussardi 1911
Marc Jacobs

Vera Wang
It seems like pairing leather gloves with fur is quite a popular formula.  You know I love any excuse to wear fur.

And the ultimate glove-wearer of modern times?  Sarah Jessica Parker, of course!  Sigh....

So what do you think?  Would you be daring enough to sport some ladylike gloves in this day and age?

{images via MyVintageVogue,, Vogue and FGR}


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  2. J'adore tes photos sublimes!
    Très belles illustrations de mode!
    Thanks for sharing!
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