Design Crush: Sarah Richardson

I have a major design crush this woman.  I don't know if it even stops at design.  Sarah Richardson is not only one of the only decent design TV show hosts, but she is a funny, spunky, beautiful, and just down right cool.  She is the person I want to be! 

What I admire about her work most, is her attention to detail and her use of consistency in a space without becoming stale and boring.  These traits became more apparent while I was composing the collages for this post.  Not only does she use consistent intensities in her color palettes, but she'll even repeat similar patterns from one part of the house to another.  Also, she never skimps on what important like mechanical/electrical systems, structural elements, and architectural details.  Sarah will cut a corner or two on the furnishings, though, by buying quality second-hand or big box pieces and then customize those pieces so they looks more high-end.  She's a genius!  Take a look at her work to see why I love her so much:

Sarah's House Living Spaces

Sarah's House Work Spaces

Have you ever seen a laundry room as chic as this?   Do you like the matted photography above the washer and dryer?  Ya, that's the fuse box door.  Sarah added hinges to the frame to create a beautiful solution to a usually hideous element in a utility space.  And the gorgeous cabinetry in the mudroom?  It's an Ikea armoire that has been crowned with custom moldings and legs.  You would never know by looking it's not a custom piece!

Sarah's House 2 Living Spaces
The dining table Sarah and her sidekick Tommy bought at an estate auction and paired with upholstered chairs from Sarah's own collection.  I think it's 'Golden Girl's chic' at it's best.

Sarah's House 2 Bedrooms
Notice the leave/floral motif of the master suite pillows, the nursery curtains, and the guest suite lamp and accent wall.  Consistency is your friend!  The bamboo armoire in the top left-hand corner is another estate auction find that has been refurbished for a fun hit of chinoiserie. 

Sarah's Cottage
THIS is how you mix different dining chairs.  The mix-match bench and side chairs were refinished in the same antiqued stain which coordinates with the grey-blue in the captain chair's upholstery.  Gorgeous.

Sarah's House 3
I am so impressed by the color pallete of the pillows.  I would have never have thought to mix burgandy, coral, peach, and pink, but it totally works!   Great play on tones and shades.

Sarah's House 3
Why does Canada have all the best designers?  From Candice Olson to Sarah Richardson, our neighbors to the North definitely have a heads up on American TV design shows.  I just wish Sarah's House was more easily accessed here in the states! 

See more of Sarah's work at:

 {all images via Sarah Richardson Design and Sarah's House Facebook}
{images edited by Brooke H. Jones, Allied ASID}


  1. I love how she numbers her stairs. Awesome. And I can only dream to live in a home that beautiful some day.