Oly Bovary Table

Life's CRAZY busy again. Here is how my days have been going lately:

1. Wake up, get dressed, get out of the house.
2. Run to client's homes for consultations and/or run to stores to source products.
3. Go to my full-time job for 8 hours.
4. Make dinner from scratch because I can't do take-out anymore with my new diet.
5.  Tackle at-home design work including sourcing products, placing orders, answer emails, etc. etc.
6. Cuddle with my husband and/or puppy before turning in for the night.

Holy. Cow. 
Does anyone know where I can buy some extra hours for my day?

I'm not complaining, it's good to keep busy. 
Especially when I get to create chic rooms and use fabulous products, like this beauty:

Oly Studio Bovary Dining Table Petite Herringbone Top French Style

It's a pretty table overall but look at the detail on the top:

Herringbone Top Dining Table Oly Studio French Design

Yup. It's just a little herringbone action for ya. HERRINGBONE.
I. Die.

Anyone out there have any time management tips??

I could use some right about now...

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