Chic Halloween Decor

It's finally here! I LOVE me some Halloween.  
In fact, it's my favorite holiday and I start celebrating mid-July.  
You think I'm kidding. I'm not. 
I did plan to have a weekly Halloween post throughout October but since my life got 
uber crazy, here is the most fabulous post with the most 
I have ever seen.

Best. Holiday. Ever.

Have a haunting weekend!!

{I have collected these images over the years, so I have no idea where I found them.  
If you know, drop me a line!}

Guest Post: Modern Bar Carts and Accessories

Hi! My name is Jenn and I am a writer for Design Shuffle, a popular social media and networking website that follows the work of top interior designers and interior design trends worldwide. Every day I get to write about home decor and scour the web for inspiring websites, and one that I’ve had bookmarked for some time is The Modern Sophisticate, where the posts are beautiful and always creative.
I was so happy when I heard I’d be guest posting here today and blogging about 
 Thanks for having me! 

 Sometimes what may seem like a small detail is actually the aspect of a space that truly defines it. Such is the case with modern bar carts and accessories. Streamlined and elegant, a well-stocked bar cart is not only welcoming but a stylish home decor idea too. Here are eight stunning modern bar carts and accessories.

  Glass Bar Cart 

 A bar cart in glass is ideal because it mimics the glass bottles it displays. Here, the lower shelf is used for liqueurs while the top half is a display shelf.

  Modern Bar Cart 

A brass bar cart is decked out with modern-day features like a built-in wine glass rack and bottle holder. The wall hanging and red chair give this vignette some colour and character.

  Steel Bar Cart Design 

This great room begs to play host - the stainless steel bar cart looks stately below the mounted ceramic deer head, and the adjoining kitchen design includes a sleek bar table with contemporary chairs.

  Acrylic Bar Cart Accent  

 A trendy acrylic bar cart somehow fits in with this somewhat dated space - the chrome frame gives the piece loads of metallic allure.

  Bar Cart Accent 

This sterling silver gem, with glistening cocktail shakers and double wine buckets on the end of the cart, make for a distinguished modern bar cart and accessories.

  Industrial Bar Cart 

Need dining room design ideas? An industrial-infused bar cart such as this is a great accent and usability to your dining room design.

  Bar Cart Accent 

What’s so interesting about this modern bar cart set-up is not only its circular configuration but also the beverage-inspired drink prints on the walls above it.

  Luxe Modern Bar Cart 

Living room designs with a luxe modern bar cart and accessories in black and steel can look  fashionable as well as practical when topped with a grand slab of marble. [ Images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

Love adding accents to your interiors? You can find inspirational interiors with various accents at Design Shuffle. Design Shuffle is full of inspiration from top interior designers including San Francisco interior designers and Boston interior designers.

Interior Design Renderings

Sorry I've been SOOOO m.i.a. lately.  I've taken on a few more projects and I've been working into the wee hours on budgets, product sourcing, design boards and, my favorite, 

There should be only one more week of craziness, then I'll be back to normal.
Fingers crossed.

I can't wait to show you what I've been working on!

Modern Baroque Furniture by Modani

Sorry for the long hiatus.  This past week has been crazy.  With additional design clients and my car getting broken into and stripped of its car seats on top of my regular full-time job, I've barely had time to breathe! 

As I pull my life back together, here are some gorgeous
to inspire your day.

Don't you just LOVE the Audrey chair?
If I was a single gal, it would be mine...

{images via Modani}

Home Interior Design Service Survey

Pretty soon Brooke Jones Designs will be rolling out some new and exciting 

If you could take a few moments and fill out this
I'd greatly appreciate it!

Here's a little eye candy for my thank you:

Black French Window Frames

I thought I'd continue with the black theme I have going on the past few days
and post about the eternal love I have for 

If windows are the eyes to the world outside your home, 
then black muntins* are the eyeliner. 

(*Muntin? Mullion? I can never remember the correct term...)

Matte Black

Usually I'm a high gloss kind of girl.  I like things shiny and sleek.  
Lately though, I've developed a crush on 
It takes things down a notch, in a good way.

Apparently it's becoming popular for kitchens and dining rooms.
What do you think? Is matte black a winner or something to leave in the magazines?

{images via Pinterest}

Perfect Pair: Black & White Layered Art + Modern Chandelier

You know I love me some 

Now to figure out how to create that etch-a-sketch look-a-like art...

{image via Decorista}

Park City Anniversary Weekend

I am off to spend the weekend in 
to celebrate my 4th Anniversary with my sweetheart. 
We're going to go to dinner, see Odyssey Dance Theatre's "Thriller,"
do a little shopping and hang out in our hotel.

The leaves are peaking and it may get a little stormy.
Best. Weekend. Ever.

I hope you enjoy yours!

{image via kiwi collection}