Objet D'art: Horse Book Ends

While perusing Etsy's vintage section the other day, I came across these little beauties:

Ever since, I've been coming across chic horse head bookends every where I turn.

I could see this design trend being something both Kelly Wearstler and my cowboy princess of a Grandmother would a approve of!  What do you think? 


  1. I had been searching for a pair of these and then I found them at a thrift shop! Here's the post about them!



  2. Didn't Grandma HAVE some of these? Man, I really wish I would have been older/cared about her things when she moved. It kinda makes me sick to think of the treasures we probably missed out on. Her shoes, wardrobe, random vintage (but not vintage to her) trinkets. I swear she had some of these!