Happy Memorial Day

I'm taking the day off to recover from yesterday's spontaneous trip to Moab and to hang out with my husband.  It's over-cast and drizzly today, so here are some photos to give us hope for the summer that is to come!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!!
{images via Ruche and ThisIsGlam}

Target Beverage Tubs

I dropped by Target this morning to grab a quick swimsuit cover-up (our pool opens this weekend! Not that it's warm enough to use yet...) and I was amazed by what they had in stock for home decor.  I know everyone RAVES about Target, but I find it's usually hit-and-miss.  Boy, was it a hit today!

 Front and center were these little beauties:

which reminded me of this nursery:

Such a great way to store and organize all those darned stuff animals!  So I bought two for my twin nieces. 

These 'beverage tubs' come in several sizes and finishes and could be used for a million purposes around the house. 

The jumbo size is less than $20, so you could literally buy one of each and not break the bank!! Bravo Target. Bravo.
{images via Target & MadeByGirl}

Hook 'Em Horns

Call me crazy, but I think a high gloss set of horns is a dramatic and chic way to add that certain unexpected 'something' to a room.   When I ran across the double set of horns from this home office, I HAD to research to see where I could get me a set.  Turns out, Jayson Home & Garden is the place to ease your horn needs!  Here are my top picks:

Ok, so the last set of horns are from Arteriors, but they are still so chic, no? 

My Home Office Inspiration

I'm in the market for a new 'home office' for my living room.  The other day my husband informed me that he was really sick of our living room chairs and I that I needed to sell them.  For a man who has no opinions when it comes to... well, anything, this was definitely a shock!  Not that my chairs weren't cute (they were green and white houndstooth with black lacquered frames) he just knew they weren't 'me.'  So I placed them in the classifieds and they went to a cute young couple who just bought their first home.

Now I have a large area in front of a large picture window that is a blank canvas.  I've been toying around with the idea of adding a 'home office' area, as my apartment doesn't have a second bedroom or home office space.  After some tinkering around with some ideas, here is what I came up with so far:

I would swap out my green curtains for a pair of dove grey velvet panels, add a white Parson's desk, and a sleek lucite cantilever chair.  

(Clockwise from left)
1. Pottery Barn's Velvet Drape
2. Custom Abstract Painting from yours truly!!
4. Z Gallerie's Lotus Tealight Holder
5. West Elm's Cowhide Rug
6. Ikea's Tobias Rug
7. Bungalow 5's Parsons Console
8. Ikea's White Vases

Did you notice the abstract art?  It was my first attempt at being an artist.  I think it turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself.  It's all because of my adorable muse, Jack.

He was a great help sitting on my lap, sniffing the paint, and getting in the way of my elbow with each stroke.  How could you get mad at a face that sweet though?

So what do you think?  Should I purchase two more chairs that are more 'me' or does a home office in a living room fit the bill?

Hick Pendant by Thomas O'Brien

Besides my new iPhone, there's a new obsession in my life- the  
by the fabulous Thomas O'Brien.

The Hick Pendant is the perfect mix of modern and vintage, warm and cool tones, sleek and antiqued, etc.  Can't decide to go with the gold tones that are coming more and more popular or stick with the oil rubbed bronze that has been all over the place for the past few years? This pendant is for you!  Are you in need of more white and silver tones for your room? Don't worry, it comes in polished nickel, too.

The Hick Pendant isn't just for the kitchen, either.  Look how fab it looks in the bedroom:

in the living room:

even in the entryway:

Here are some more samplings of rooms with this gorgeous light  fixture:

This little beauty comes in 4 different finishes and 3 sizes.  I bet you could find one to fit every room of your home!

iPhone 4 White

After months ans months of holding out, I finally caved and purchased the new iPhone 4.  I. LOVE. IT.  Who knew a little gadget could do so much?  How did I live without it for so long?  It is soooo pretty, too...

Placing the phone on my husband's Banksy book doesn't hurt the phone's artistic value, either.

So far I have downloaded the Benjamin Moore app, a shopping list app, and the level app-- I would recommend all of these for any designer or designer-in-training!  My fav app has to be Pandora, though, which I can listen to IN MY CAR! So cool.  Sorry radio, you have been replaced.

As I am new to this whole app thing, I would love to hear what apps you couldn't live without.  Any fellow designers out there have any good suggestions?

Pretty Lil' Abstracts

It's official.  I REALLY want to learn how to paint abstracts.  I have always wanted to paint as a 'release' and it seems my uber busy schedule is making that desire stronger (as if I have time to sit down anymore!!).  Who knows, maybe I could create some beauties like these:

Aren't these to-DIE-for?  I have been searching online for classes and even visited my local art supply store to search for instruction, but **sigh...** I live in Utah.  No one here appreciates modern art as they should.  Anyone know where I could turn for some Abstract Art 101??

{All art by Jen Ramos.  Images via Cocoa&Hearts & MadeByGirl}

Pining for Paris...

Life has been crazy lately.  It's all worth it because soon I get to travel here...

Only 5 more months to go!
{lovely images via RiflePaperCo.}

Sarah's Cottage HGTV US

Sarah Richardson's comin' to America!!! Well, her show Sarah's Cottage is, at least.  Here are some sneak peaks of her beautiful summer and make sure to watch this Saturday night on HGTV.

Eye Candy: Grey Grass-Cloth Wallpaper, Part Deux

Again with the grey grass-cloth! It's killin' me how beautiful it is.

Ok, so it's a blue-grey.  Still stunning, right?
{image via thisisglam}

Eye Candy: Grey Grass-Cloth Wallpaper

A new must for my future dream home: grey grass-cloth wallpaper with chunky white mouldings. 

{image via Decor Pad}